About Safe Coliseum

Safe Coliseum in the simplest way can be called a digital platform to bring the cinematic industry closer and revolutionalize it. Safe Coliseum is all set to digitise the entertainment industry by introducing SCOLT Token which would be the primary mode of currency for transactions within the industry. The Safe Coliseum is more of a community rather than just a platform, it is a community of the entertainment industry wherein the stakeholders from anywhere in the world could collaborate on projects with the sole purpose of creating content. Safe Coliseum aims towards making an ecosystem that is seamless so that the transactions are transparent and the probability and scope of frauds and problems are eliminated.

  • coliseum-platform

    A revolutionary new
    platform to bring the global
    entertainment industry closer.

  • scolttoken

    A coming of the age token
    tailor made to be used on
    the Coliseum Platform..

  • upshots

    An offline platform in
    the Coliseum community to
    produce great content.

SCOLT Token Features

We will be known for our features; Safe Coliseum Economy has some unique features which ensure that user and the token economy does not get drained by some low physic hacker, and anyone can not just put the token economy at risk of vulnerability.

Audited & Certified Token Contract:

The Entire Contract of SCOLT tokens have been verified and certified on Token Guard.

Anti Whale Policy:

This policy will make Whales to contribute more to the Economy.

Anti Dump:

This policy will make Dumpsters suffocate due to it’s beauty of rules which gives Token Holders better security of Price Dump

Eternal stimulus:

Each transaction User will make, makes it earn to the Token Holders

Credible Scrapping:

Every Transaction of SCOLT token will decrease the supply of it

Perpetual Stashing:

Everytime someone make a Transaction of SCOLT will be adding additional Values to the Economy

Extraneous Structured Stimulus:

Each and Every Token Holder who holds SCOLT tokens will be eligible to receive additional benefits every quarter


Token Holders have options to choose between 2 blockchains ERC20 and BSC Network both, SCOLT tokens will be able to commute cross-chain through Alterator

coliseum-platform Key Features

  • #based skill search

    All the skills added by users will be converted into hashtags for easier search. Producers, directors and other employers could then easily find the right people by simply searching the hashtags.

  • 3rd Party Portfolio Management

    After registering with the platform, apart from the basic information all the other details about projects undertaken through the platform will be auto-generated and updated in the portfolio.

  • Classification based Ratings & Feedback

    All the profiles on the platform will have 2 types of ratings, one would be generic ratings that can be given by anyone at any time and the others would be project-specific ratings which can only be given once and cannot be modified.

  • Project Timeline Management

    In order to seamlessly manage all the projects, each project will have its timeline and all the progress will be updated on the timeline on regular basis.

Key Features
  • Private & Public Profile Management

    Users get to have 2 profiles on the platform, they can set the privacy settings on the profile according to their preferences.

  • Profile Verification Guard

    All the profiles on the platform will go through a verification process which will ensure that all the information given on the platform is true, ensuring 100% authentic profiles.

  • Content Licensing Directory

    Choosing the perfect platform to telecast your content can be a tough decision to make and hence we made it all easy for you, the platform will have a Directory with all the major broadcasting channels in it, making collaborations as easy as making online purchases.

  • Membership Class on a Rating basis

    The ratings received by the users will not only describe the experience of working with them but will also sort all the profiles into membership classes.

  • Payment Escrow

    Safe Coliseum is exactly as the name suggests, it is safe. The producers and other stakeholders of the industry can deposit the money in escrow and not worry about the nitty-gritty of payments in the future.

  • Payment Escrow

    Safe Coliseum is exactly as the name suggests. The producers and other stakeholders of the industry can deposit the money in escrow and not worry about the nitty-gritty of payments in the future.

Why is there a need for a Project?


Cinematic industries are growing like anything nowadays and after the OTTs acceptance by the Audience, New talent has raised from the beneath of the thickest layer of prejudiced sovereignty. Yet, there are Trillions of Ideas, Millions of Stories, inexhaustible amount of talent is still hidden.

OTTs have done their job well, Audience has acted their part in a commendable manner, now it's on an Industry of Cinematic world that how do they utilize the opportunity.

Pre-Alloted Tokenomics

Coliseum believes in being transparent and thus the economy of the token or tokenomics (as the crypto world likes to call it) is divided and bifurcated as below.


  • Initial Supply on BSC:
    105 M
  • Initial Supply on ERC20:
    105 M
  • No of total supply:
    210 M
  • Accepted:

Economic Cycles

feature feature

SCOLT Cycle is solely based on the model of transactions, all transactions will be charged anywhere between 2-5% depending upon the type of the wallet. As per the graph on the side, the charges will be further bifurcated and distributed, thus every token holder is benefitted from every transaction. Giving the holders a little something to forward to

The Coliseum Project Cycle

Once the The Coliseum Project system is developed and ready, it will have varied services to offer and each time a service is utilized, the net profits incurred from them will be distributed among the community members, quarterly. 30% of the overall net profits will be bifurcated and distributed to the token holders. 70% of this will be redistributed amongst the token holders in the form of digital tokens, the remaining 30% will be burned. Thus, this will ensure that the supply of tokens is restricted and the existing holders could get extra tokens, making it twice as beneficial to the existing holders.

feature feature

UpShot Cycle
feature feature

The The Coliseum Project cycle will take a while to develop and be ready for use, until then and even after that, the need for an offline module will be there. Thus, the SCOLT community will operate and invest in offline projects within the industry, under the banner of Upshots. The net profit generated from these projects will again be quarterly bifurcated and distributed amongst the holders. The holders will be able to enjoy 30% of the incurred Net Profit of which 70% will be redistributed to them in the form of a digital token and the remaining 30% will be burned. Resulting in double benefits for the holders, as the supply is restricted and they get to enjoy extra tokens.

Our Roadmap

2020 Q3 - 2021 Q3

Coliseum Project Initiated,
Traditional Token Sale,
New team Acquisition

2021 Q3-Q4

Project Redefined and Restructured,
Safe Coliseum Project Initiated
Offline Productions Initiated
Contract Created
Contract Audit
Token Profiling
Early Investors token Distributions

2022 Q1

Token Profiling
Early Investors recognitions
Final Audit Report received
SCOLT Contract profiling
Frontend UI
Airdrop Campaigns
Launchpad Applications
Movie Productions Initiated

2022 Q2

DEX negotiations Initiated

2022 Q3

Negetive Market Sentiments

Awaiting right moment to restart

2022 Q4

DEX Launchpad & Negotiations Continues

2023 Q1

Preparing to Launch Private / Pre-Sale
Airdrop Campaigns Initiated
First AMA Initiations
Pre-Sale Launching

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